a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

There are great men lying under my feet.
They ran over me madly obsessed with
Mighty, conquerors, warriors, plunderers
Kings and queens, war lords.
Alexander the great, Julius Caesar,
Anthony, Cleopatra, all were chivalrous.

They stampede the earth.
World ran through cold shivers at their sight.
Their inflicting beauty made men mad,
But, until one day that all have to come,
Kissing the earth, turning in to dust.
Their body decayed.
Their physique, beauty, wealth all disappeared
Disowned discarded.
When they came, they came empty handed, naked.
They cried as they took the first breathe.
Took their last exhalation, making others cry.

I covered them with dust and mud,
Poor children they never knew.
They had to discard everything.

There were good men who came here smiling,
who lived silently on this planet.
Disturbed no one took anything from,
they prayed silently for the enrichment of life.
offered theirs too as thanksgiving.
opened their mouth only in praise of lord.
Viewing the magnanimity of nature they bowed down,
they ate to live, listening always to wisdom,
of the great saints and prophets,
had their limbs in service of all,
kept their calm and quietness.
When they come out the nature bowed,
when they spoke everybody listened.
Every being and non-beings vibrated;
with pleasantness of their cool,
they spread the fragrance of love.
Wherever they went it rained,
Flowers bloom, dry twigs sprout.
They beamed brilliance all around,
Their grace fell on earth.
Their wisdom showered warmth.
Seasons changed to their wish.

When they departed people prayed for them.
They left their life as a leaving note,
turning real salts of the earth;
they conquered the world with one word.
One look, one smile, one hug,
with one kiss of life.
Silently they departed,
transcending all their possessions.
They disappeared smiling,
their smile still lingers on.

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