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Sports day at the local high school
Came around once a year
And that day so many years ago
Dawned bright and clear.
By mid-afternoon the races and the relays
And the juniors were all done
But no one moved, all eyes were fixed
Upon the last event being run.

The open high jump was till going
It had been a marathon competition
The last two boys had battled hard
For that number one position.
Then the word was passed, the last jumper
Who was running at the bar with grace
Was going for the record
Determination on his face.

All held their breath as they watched him
Clear the bar with ease
And they roared as the record fell
Even the headmaster was pleased!
And teachers gathered round the bar
Forgetting they had come
To get their classes to their rooms
Before the day was done.

The jumper called the new height
He wanted the bar moved up to;
By now the entire school had come
To see what he could do.
Then, the bar could go no higher,
he had cleared its highest holes
So they rushed and found two bricks
to put under the two supporting poles.

He set the new jump record
and he did it in his stride
and he smiled as his sisters
rushed at him with pride!
He was just happy that the day
was finally done
but as he came up to me
I said "Well done!" to my son.


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