Letting Go

a poem by Thelma Elizabeth Zaracostas, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Letting Go

I watched my daughters
worried face
As her son walked up
the drive
Two of his friends
followed close behind

They put on their helmets
Grabbed their bikes
My daughter gave them
firm instructions re
safety and to be back
a certain time

She noticed concern upon
my face said, Mum he is
twelve years old
I think it's time to
let him go
He starts High School next
year you know.!

Times have not changed
I replied
I remember your
brothers and their
first ride
I feel as I did then
Now I have to go through
it all again.

Then my daughter said
to me mum he will
be fine
Lets go inside have
a cuppa tea and wait
just in case he rings..

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