Circle Of Life.

a poem by Mark Ainslie, UK

Circle Of Life.

Born unto this world of ours,
Dependant on others from the start.
Tiny fingers, tiny feet,
a great desire to sleep and eat.
Fragile bones and of pure mind,
with loving care you will survive.
Growth will be in leaps and bounds,
Go un-noticed by all around.
Those who don’t see you every day,
"How you’ve grown,” they all will say.

Taking notice more and more,
more alert than before.
Miming words that people said,
Clapping hands and shaking head.
Roll about and start to crawl,
Try to stand but always fall.
Then one day you stand and pause,
Rewarded by warm applause.
First few steps finally made,
Mischief starts at an early age.

First day at school, can’t be late,
Mother weeping at the gate.
So much to learn, so much to do,
every day, something new.
So many children all around,
Lifelong friends may be found.
School years now the final one,
Infant school long since gone.
Pressures on exams ahead,
wish you had a job instead.

Taking note of different things,
Wondering what the future brings.
Pretty girl turns your head around,
Grown up thoughts have been found.
Full time work you find at last,
Lack of money, in the past.
Buying now important things,
Leather jacket, designer jeans.
Just how quick the years have flown,
a family now, of your own.

The years roll by and now you’re old,
the wife you had you long to hold.
Your memory is not quite the same;
you can’t remember your children’s names.
Aching joints, how they hurt,
Hard of hearing, eyesight blurred.
Your children now look after you,
the wheel of life is almost through,
all you know is constant pain,
Dependant on others, once again.

©2002 Mark Ainslie.

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