a poem by Naomi Ruth O'shea, UK

My Jesus Son of God,
Was nailed to a cross.
Blood streamed from his hands and feet,
As his life was lost.

Above his head was written,
“Jesus king of the Jews”.
But Peter denied three times,
That this was the man he knew.

Jesus cried for all to see,
“My God, My god, Why have you forsaken me?”
Now we know it was for our sins,
That this man died and became our king.

My Lord was buried in a tomb,
Wrapped in a pile of cloth.
A stone was rolled in front,
For us his life he lost.

On the third day he rose,
The stone was rolled away.
The tomb was empty,
Where the body had once lay.

Now Jesus is alive,
And in heaven he waits,
Because one day we will meet the one,
Who is so full of mercy and grace.

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