Come Rain!

a poem by Pushpalata Venugopalan, India

Come rain, come winds!
Cloud the Sun and breathe a chill!
Summer too long hath stood still!

Come rain! Show your sudden stance!
Pour forth in torrents, in endless ribbons!
Bathe the land in Earth’s perfume!
Sparkle the leaves, triumph the flowers;
Rake the mud and cleanse the sand!
Wash and scrub, wash and scrub,
Till they gleam even the rough!

Come rain! A melody make!
Drum and flow, drum and flow!
Up on the roofs to the ground below!
Drum the roof, sing in the chute
and dance reflecting upon the road!
Then pool the puddles, sweep the pebbles,
Rally a river on the roadside route!

Then hurry; hurry to meet the lakes,
Damp the fields, and in a delightful flourish-
d r a p e a green across the land,
Chatter along till your deed is done.
Then gather, gather your ribbony ends
And arc them up to the sun to dry
A rainbow; a rainbow in the sky!

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