a poem by Gail P. Kay, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

He was a tall good looking young fellow,
Who signed up and went to war
Being sent to serve in Malaya
Without realizing what was in store!
The Japanese overran them
And he was incarcerated with his mates;
The war was over for them early
But they suffered a cruel fate!

Back home in Australia his sisters
And parents would hold him in prayer
asking God to keep their boy safe
And bring him back home to them there.
Every night the family would gather
And pray in a special way
it came from their hearts as they asked God,
“ Lord, give Stevie enough to eat today”

The Japanese prison commander
admired pugilistic skill
Stevie was only 20, but a big lad,
And he could box with a will!
The camps would have competitions,
The commanders would trot out their best
Stevie was his camp’s champion
His commander made sure he got rest!

He put him to work in the kitchen
With orders that Steve couldn’t beat
The commander told the prison guards
“Make sure he has enough to eat!”
He didn't want a champion
too weak to put on a good bout
He made fine sure that young Stephen
was able to give the knockout!

Grandma heard the news on the radio
A Japanese ship sunk at sea,
Her face went white and she softly said “ Stevie was on that ship.
He won’t be coming home to me. ”
Her daughters tried to tell her no,
they pointed out the fact
That Stevie was in prison in Malaya!
Of course he would come back!

But Granda put his arm around her
And led her gently from the room;
For three days she grieved in silence
The house was filled with gloom.
Then the telegram came to tell them
Their son had been lost at sea
She softly said “ I told you
Stevie won't be coming home to me.”

Grandma went to mass every Sunday
where she wore on her breast with pride
The six stars for six sons fighting
For their country the whole world wide.
Only now it was five silver stars for five sons
Who would one day no longer roam
And one was a gold for the youngest
Who would never more come home.


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