a poem by Pushpalata Venugopalan, India

Nature amply uses green,
A myriad of green upon columns of bark,
Standing tall to commune with the skies,
With leafy saddles for the wind to ride.

A savory sight, the soil-struck savior,
Seasoning solar of fruits and flowers;
A well-spring of breath to animate the life,
Enduringly firm but pliant of tone.

A shady care its boughs extend,
For man and beast who weary fare,
For birds and bees that musically flare,
At dawn and dusk set up a vibrant affair!

Attractive of rain, obliging of seasons,
Baring for autumn, a lighter green for spring,
Craving for Sun and infatuated with spring,
And a ready surrender to the stormy axe!

Pushpalata Venugopalan

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