a poem by Pushpalata Venugopalan, India

Night descended, it was common,
But a sudden calm, made me pause,
A poised silence- torn -
By the gusty wind!

Oh! What a tremendous dust-off!
Surely a preparation? Power put out!
Ah, a sure announcement!
Yes! A heavenly carnival!

The stage was set! The skies ablaze!
A lightning effect!
The sated clouds burst,
And amidst thunderous applause,

The rains came dancing down
Upon the expectant Earth!
But ‘twas the wind that stole the show,
Took away my breath in a distinctive ‘O’!

Ran wild the wind and teased the rain,
Oh, what a wiggle! Blew at its threads,
And oh! What a splash!
Drenched by the wind-so to say!

The trees too swung
At the windy advance;
Lost their reserve, danced unabashed;
Oh! What a rustling note!

Rumbled the thunder, reckless,
Lightning, too, cracked in time;
Kids jumped into the scene,
Clapped and danced with the rain!

Fanned the wind now, a desirous note,
As thousand eyes watched, rapturous;
Tasting the strains of brilliant showers,
Racing heartbeats, Oh, what a heady effect!

On an intense note,
Man and nature merged!
The thrill of a union perhaps
Never more amply felt;

Then, on a lingering note
The wind made its exit,
While thunder and lightning
Distantly reigned;

And the rains too
Now, gentle, remained,
A soothing note for
A grand finale!

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