A Picture Of Age.

a poem by Mark Ainslie, UK

A Picture Of Age.

I glanced at a picture,
That was hanging on a wall.
A portrait of an old man,
Standing wearily and small.

I stopped a while to study,
That mans’ familiar stare.
The ageing features of his face,
And his thinning, greyish hair.

His skin looks kind of lived in,
Revealing the effects of time.
The tribulations of his life,
Etched in every line.

Unforgiving shadows gather,
Around his tired eyes.
He looks a bit like me,
In an elderly disguise.

The picture that stopped me,
Is not a portrait at all.
In fact it’s my own reflection,
In a mirror on the wall.

I realise it really is me,
That fact I cannot deny,
I guess I’ll go old gracefully,
As the years keep sneaking by.

© Mark Ainslie 2007

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