a poem by Shamsud Zaman Ahmed, India

Many a Poems ago, verses were written,
the verses of thoughts.
Inspired by nature, the language they caught
and rhythms were born.

The rhythm of the sea,
The rhythm of the wind,
The rhythms of the birds and bees
and the rhythm of the flowers and trees.

Though not poet, we all rhyme.
Death rhymes with life,
sadness with happiness.
Every movement nature devise is a rhythm of life.

Unseen, unknown we follow uniformity
of breath and thoughts
released and realise only when sad.
Pensive mood when things go bad.

We are all poets in our own rights,
Try and understand the rhythm of days and nights.
Everything that rhymes in your sight
examples of the Great One’s rhythmic might.

[ Shamsud Zaman Ahmed ]

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