a poem by Lee Emmett, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

there’s burn off on peninsula
Arthur’s Seat in heavy smoke
sharp acrid smell in air
like hellfire’s been stoked

paddock deer with antlers
grazing on the green
recent rain brightens earth
everything looks clean

developers are rampant
towns spill at margins
new houses, few trees
retired population enlarges

on weekends everywhere
cars bumper to bumper
seems by time get to sea
will wear winter jumpers

task today is delivery
words of plaque memorial
to husband’s brother
inform him place of burial

brother and his wife
building new house at Sorrento
our new home in Belgrave
feels like huge momento

Bern now in heaven
with angelic hosts
sometimes feel dream’s gone
just memories and ghosts

travelled this way often
came for brother’s birthday
thirty-six years’ marriage
gone like all earth’s phases

day follows night
months feeling forlorn
almost anniversary
since he passed on

calm sea milky-aqua
reflects stormy clouds
seagulls seek shady spots
Rye busy, full of crowds

turn towards the ocean
off to Diamond Bay
maybe they’ll be home
if not, will swim today

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