a poem by Pushpalata Venugopalan, India

Today as usual I sought to hold your hand,
You too put out yours but suddenly withdrew;
Your eyes and face seemed to convey a message
That gave me the words for poetry to make.

"Mummy" you seemed to say, "do not hold me,
Let me walk all on my own,
See, I can walk all alone,
Mind those little stones and those uneven steps;"

"I walk no longer with my eyes in the skies,
No longer do I trip and fall every time;
See how tall I have grown?
Upto your shoulders see my crown!"

"Soon you see, as tall as you I shall be,
Nay, even taller than you now be;
And you shall seem so small to me
Even to you as I now must seem!"

"It shall be my turn then,
Your hands I shall hold then,
Lead you as you do me now
And support you at every turn!"

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