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Antelopes are amiable animals
Buffaloes, bullish, butting boors
Cougars creep craftily up crags
Ducks dip delightfully in ditches.

Eager eagles eye edible earthworms
Fierce falcons feast on fishes
Goats greedily gobble green grass
Hares hop happily near hedges.

Iguanas inhabit inhospitable islands
Jaybirds jabber jauntily
Kangaroos knee you with knockout kicks
Llamas lug large loads lithely.

Monkeys are munching, muttering mimickers
Nightingales and nightjars, nocturnal nesters
Oxen overloaded, overworked owsen
Parrots prettily parody persons.

Quixotic quails quiver quietly
Robin red-breasts are restful roosters
Stallions, stunning speeding steeds
Tawny tigers are terrifying treaders.

Unique unicorns are unavailable now
Vicious vultures are virtually vile
Whales wallow in warm waters
Xeruses are xeric squirrels of Africa's wild.

Young yaks yare on mountains yonder
Zany zebras zip past zephyrs,
Animals are beautiful creatures of the earth
And humans be their kind masters.

20 Dec 2007

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