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He is a rebellious sixteen,
He can’t read time.
“Be back by seven.”
At ten - he cares not a dime.

Being grounded doesn’t hurt,
He’s happy on the phone
With his songs and guitar,
But he’s never alone.

His friends come to join
Relieved to find him in,
You can’t send them out,
So all he does is grin.

When he learns history
He makes it his own,
He keeps us in stitches
He changes the tone.

To his dad he listens
For a minute - not more,
“Sorry” he says
And he’s out of the door.

Gone are the days when
One could use the cane,
I tried it once, “Ma,” he said,
“Hit harder..can’t feel the pain.”

If only time had stood still
When he was four,
He would have been my boy
Still obedient, I’m sure.

21 Dec 2007

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