You Fought For Me and Lost

a poem by Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Montik, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

The churning water is harsh and uncaring.
It takes what is pleases and rejects the rest.
It doesn't go to sleep
for the fear of losing what is could gain.
No one can see the tear that silently
drops for it is swallowed by the hungry roar.
Screams can’t be heard over the roar emitted
from its depth. Helpless sobs drown in
the sound of the fierce
water crashing into itself and everything by it.
Greedy, it begs to have me also
and its plea washes over me.
The eternal peace it offers draws
me closer. You won’t let me go.
Fighting with the water while I limply
wait to see who wins.
With my fate being decided by
angry rapids and you it is not long before
someone wins and someone loses.
You lost but you’re not ready to let me go
and you keep fighting for me.
It’s useless because I gave up and I’m not helping you.
Overcome, you let out a long lonely cry.
When you went down, I went down with you.

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