Facing Lonliness With You

a poem by Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Montik, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

With your smile caressing my mind it’s
easier to face the bold blackness of an emptiness
that spears any bit of happiness with its
driven stare and deflating it into a thin memory.

The stream of words cascading from your
shy heart that wishes to make me happy
kisses the soul inside of me which has began
to fold away all the dreams not meant for it.

Taking a leap away from the desirable death,
the crimson that flows through me swept away the
shimmering stars that were waiting to burst inside
every dark empty spot and lighting me with warmth.

The gentle touch of your soft and quiet whisper
invites me to close my eyes and to take in the
peace that your voice is offering to my broken
spirit and without a single pause I surrender.

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