Reading Her

a poem by Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Montik, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Trying hard to keep you from finding out
the truth about how she really feels about
you she becomes an empty blank page
that doesn't have the slightest mark.

She looks at everything and everyone except
you because she knows that you have
learned to read all of those words that
are printed on her big and innocent eyes.

Before you used to talk to her and she
would answer with that adorable smile
and you would laugh with her but now
she won’t allow herself to talk to you.

You stand around and talk to other girls but the
one and only girl that you want to talk to stands
off to the side and talks with her own friends
because you are too scared to start a conversation.

Don’t you know that she thinks that
you don’t like her and that there is
no chance for her to be your special girl
she thinks you are avoiding her.

Stop playing with her innocent heart and
tell her what you have always wanted to
tell her and what she has always wanted
to hear from you and only you.

She’ll show you her smile again and
you will hear that laugh that has always
made you wish you could takes her in your
arms and who knows, maybe she will let you.

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