Kissing Her Smile

a poem by Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Montik, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Soft lips that curve into the perfect smile
gently say her name and as he gets nearer
she backs away until a cold corner traps her
in and allows him to come up close.

Those big brown eyes had her falling for
him before but she was not fooled anymore
by his playful charm that he displayed like
the Christmas tree seen in the window.

The hand she used to hold swept her cheek
and traced the outline of her trembling lip
and with deliberate movement lifted up her
pale face until she gave him her troubled gaze.

Little Dummer Boy played softly in the
background as thoughts flew in and out of
her mind while he just stared into her eyes
and watched the sadness swirl in them.

Colored lights twinkled cheerfully on the tree
in the opposite corner from her but neither one of
them took notice as she tried hard to guard her tears
from leaving so that he wouldn’t have to catch them.

With a strength that came from thin air she pushed
him away and once freedom was gained her voice came
back and months of broken words tumbling out until
she had nothing left to tell his silent figure.

Ready to move on with her life she glanced at him one
last time and as she turned away the charm that blazed
from him like the light on a New Years candle went out
and the love spell broke into a million pieces.

Walking away she steps through the doorway into
the new year with a twinkle in her eyes and the
mistletoe that shines above her winks as two
blue eyes laugh and bend over to kiss her smile.

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