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Give me back my set of pearly white teeth
Oh God, I won’t ask you for more,
I regret that I had not taken better care
of the ones you gave years ago,
Should have gone to the dentist often
procrastination was my crime,
Too late to realize that cavities can cause
teeth loss with passage of time.

Size matters little when you meet someone
it’s the beautiful smile that counts,
Oh! Horrors when you open your mouth
and friends can see the gaps around,
Dentures are a necessity, but I suppose
they are a nuisance as such,
Guess what will happen when you open
your mouth wide and laugh too much.

I see beauty in the braces children wear
in the knowledge that one day,
An even set of white teeth they’ll have
if they can stop them from decay.
How grand it would be if a law was decreed
that people throughout a country
be given free dental-care for life to build
their confidence and maturity.

7 Feb 2008

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