In ten seconds

a poem by Edgar Rendon Eslit, Philippines - poetry writer, author, poet

The crowd was rumbling and
When the referee’s calling for the final time-out
The coaches’ voices were thundering in light speed
They gave the last minute instruction.
One wouldn’t forget how
the opponent got the one point lead
Jump ball, Free throw and… counted!
“Pass to JR”, “guard, hold still”
“We’ll go for the three points, Okay? ”
Go, go, go for the win!
The buzzer chimed
… ten seconds countdown.
Dex dribbling, quick to Roger, to Tolits.
There, over the mid court, JR fell
But as miracles happen
He flipped his arm
caught and sprang the ball towards the board
it whirled down and rigging inside the ring
and while the whistle's blown in final second,
The final score, thundering,
JR’s head stamped and bounced on the floor.
The crowd eclipsed to a mournful stupors.

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