Why Kill ?

a poem by Mark Ainslie, UK

Why Kill?

Why do people want to kill?
And undertake this murderous role,
The anger they must feel within,
Must torment and savage their very soul.

Their persecuted obnoxious minds,
Are steeped with a fiery pain.
Ever-ready for the chance,
To yield the sword of hate again.

Where do they get their bitterness?
Are they programmed at an early age?
Is it parental guidance that leads them?
To be venomous in their rage.

They are all out for constant revenge,
And they want it at any cost.
Their fearless obsession surfaces,
And yet another life is lost.

Remorse, forgiveness, and loving too.
Are words they must not understand.
But violence and barbarism,
They believe, must go hand in hand.

Who gave them permission?
To decide when a life should cease,
We must learn to stop the killing,
And all live together in eternal peace

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