Beloved Children

a poem by Pushpalata Venugopalan, India

Beloved children, you future adults!
Mind your elders, do not forget
for in an effort to raise you right
they have spent most of their lives!

Do not be dismayed to find the world
completely different from what you were told;
Do not be pained to find that the very people
who preach, do not in truth, practise.

Beware of the devils you’ll always meet
hiding behind the mask of a saint,
Do not be bewildered to find that
the one you most trust betrays you with ease.

Do not be bowed down by the worries of life,
Pull yourself together and hold your head high;
Always seek the good amidst the vile
for the good and the bad do exist together.

Save yourself the anguish of
being caught unawares,
Prepare yourself for the worst
and the best may still be yours!

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