FAMILY (acrostics)

a poem by Jacinta Ramayah, Malaysia - poetry writer, author, poet

F-amiliar faces you see before you turn in at night,
A-nd the relief to see them at breakfast, the next morning light,
M-erging joy with laughter to get them to do what’s right.
I-nspiring confidence with each other to bring out what’s best,
L-oving them still, even though they’ve shattered your test,
Y-es, living life with them full of banter and jest.

F-riendly faces that come to see you every week or two,
A-unts, brothers, nieces and nephews to help you through,
M-aking life easier for every one, that’s what they do.
I-magine what it would be like without family around,
L-ack of camaraderie and loneliness I’m sure will be abound,
Y-ackety-yakking with one’s family relieves tension, I’ve found.

6 Mac 2008

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