Two Generations Apart.

a poem by Mark Ainslie, UK

Two generations apart, but age didn’t get in the way.
I loved you more and more with every passing day.
When I was a young boy, you always found the time,
To do things for me and do them with a smile.

Two generations apart, times have changed it’s true.
When you were a young girl, life was hard for you.
Things you learnt in your life, you passed them on to me.
You showed me right from wrong, and taught me honesty.

Two generations apart, the years keep passing by.
Memories I’ll always have of how you lived your life.
You never asked a great deal of anyone you new.
The warmth you had in your heart always shining through.

Two generations apart, I’m proud to have known,
The woman that you were, and all the love you shown.
If more people were like you, in this world today.
This world would be a much better place to stay.

The only thing I’m sorry for, I never got to say.
A last goodbye to you, before God called you away.
But you never really left me, in my thoughts you’re always there.
And if I need to talk to you, I’ll do it in a prayer.

God Bless My Gran…..

© Mark Ainslie 1992.

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