IN A HOSPITAL (onomatopoeia)

a poem by Jacinta Ramayah, Malaysia - poetry writer, author, poet

Enter a hospital and a cacophony of sounds assails,
From a nurse’s quick ‘sh’ to newborn babies' wails,

Brr - is when a new mum lies cold in the
operating room and also of a dentist’s drill,

Pit-a-pat - of the heart when a doctor takes
your pulse and the rain on the window sill,

Tick-tock - is heard from the clock in the hall
and the strident stiletto heels of a visitor,

Whee - the sound of the ambulance siren and a
young girl when discharged by her doctor,

Aah - say the proud grandparents at babe’s wide
yawn and you at the prick of a needle,

Aargh - dad jerks in revulsion as he changes dirty
diapers and I at the bill from the hospital,

Wheeze - is the chain-smoker’s regret, an asthmatic’s
breath and an overloaded hydraulic machine,

Hmm - the doctor looks distracted at a patient’s chart
while that's my relieved sigh as I leave with a grin.

19 Mar 2008

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