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Eons ago beneath the waves of a bright blue sea,
Seaweeds floated green; pretty mermaids swam by,
By the rocks in a cave, two black eyes watched silently,
Silently nearby, the mermaids wiped their gold tresses dry.

Dry were the dark stranger’s lips as he cast out,
Out from his hands, a fishing net he suddenly threw,
Threw it over a sweet mermaid who gave a startled shout,
Shouts of triumph were his though, as with his catch he flew.

Flew up the steps of a tall grey tower way up high,
High on the cliff to where his lonely lighthouse stood,
Stood over his prize as numb she lay, then he told her why
Why he had taken a mermaid; why in the sea he had looked.

Looked for one to talk with; who couldn’t tear away,
Away from him, the way his wife had done years before,
Before, he had erred for she did run away, but not so today,
Today he errs for mermaids stay silent when far from the shore.

10 April 2008

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