Advice from Mum.

a poem by Thelma Elizabeth Zaracostas, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

When I was just a
little child,I was
protected, by my mum and dad,
and relatives who lived close

Then when, I started school
Mum advised me,not to forget
the teacher's rules.
when I went on my first date
she told me, don't be late, do
not go back to anyone's place.

Mum had a black dress,I asked her
if I could wear it, begged and
pleaded, to no avail,
you can't wear that,she said,
will make you
look so much older.

She must think I am still a child,
thought I, with tears in my eyes.
Now that I have grown up, I look
around, all the kids are wearing
black, I wondered, why mum made such
a fuss.

I wondered, as I put on my new black
dress, if it made me look so much older,
really would value mums advice'
Miss you so dear mother of mine.
Oh!my tears are ruining my makeup,
mum value your advice.

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