a poem by Lee Emmett, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

crunch! flesh against bone
whack! crash! to ground gone
twang! muscle tears in calf
crack! leg breaks in half
phew! stinking liniment
blasphemy! groin to clubrooms sent
slap! face gets a smack
bonk! heads clonk in pack
sniffle! snorts, snuffling nose
dribble! drips on clothes
aw! protests, sent off, blood rule
stamp! cramp! salty drool
hum! pierce ear drum
gulp! antibiotic, infected thumb
wrap! bandage bruised rib
strap! shoulder-support cross-bib
whew! winded, bending over
knock! unconscious, quarter over
snap! quick! save front tooth
expletive! shouts painful truth
rip! cartilage strips at knee
ouch! another sports injury

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