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Appealing azaleas abound in acidic areas,
Beautiful buttercups bloom blazingly bright,
Colourful chrysanthemums are cool and charming,
Dreamy daffodils dance daintily in delight.

Elusive edelweiss extends elegantly in European Alps
Fast fading forget-me-nots are fascinating flowers
Glossy green-leaved gardenias are glorious god-given gifts
Heavenly hollies hit the halls of happy Yuletide houses.

Intwining ivy inches ideally up immense inclines,
Joyous jasmines are just right for jocund junctures,
Kinky knapweeds keep knolls and grasslands green,
Lovely lavender leaves fragrance on linen and lotions.

Magnificent magnolias grow massively in meadows,
Noteworthy narcissus needs nurturing night and day,
Ordinary orchids outclass other outstanding ornaments,
Pretty pansies grow profusely as they pleasantly play.

Quality quince is used to make jam and marmalade,
Romantic roses replenish radiance in rapturous lovers,
Striking sunflowers stare saucily at the shining sun,
Thorny thistles thrive in testy, torrid weathers.

Unique urbinias unite in uplifting clusters,
Versatile violets are of vivid varied spectrum,
Woody wisterias have winding twining stems,
X’citing xanthium exude thorny leaves and xylem.

Yummy yarrows are edible and have yellow pollens,
Zesty zinnias are found in Mexico’s tropical zone.
Fascinating flowers make the world a colourful place,
View them and smell them, then leave them well alone.

19 May 2008

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