a poem by Lee Emmett, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

burp! bacon-bits bolted at breakfast
panting, preparing for Puffing-Billy
paint-puff pretty-pout in pink-paste
huff-puff, hurry up highway-hilly

wow! Winter’s white-washed wonder
tourists teetering towards train track
ugh! utter urbanites, umbrellas under
brrr! brrr ! bent beneath brolleys-black

psst! peep at piously praying people
chant chanson-chapters in chapel-church
slippery-slide sleet sheers sloping steeple
sniff! smoke! shh! silently source search

brrm! BMW barges bracken-fern, brakes
beside bridge-trestle built behind Belgrave
toot! toot! tottering, turning-train time takes
bye! bystanders bawl at ballyraggers brave

nyah! nyah! nigglers nag, nightfall near
even Emerald-lake’s empty of everyone
hoorah! happy homecomers halting here
fa-la-la! fabulous, fantastic, frolic-fun

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