a poem by Lee Emmett, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

did you ever watch your kids play basketball
running up and down shiny wooden court
bouncing ball and dodging all the opposition
grabbing hold of it when possession fought

did your heart turn over when the umpire
whistled foul against your flesh and blood
and could you ever contain your anger when
your little angels were dragged through mud

when the team clustered together talking
did you rush over to the coach and listen
or did you just hold your tongue and take it
when you noticed small heroes’ tears glisten

how proud were you when your own babies
threw three-pointers to win some matches
but did you ever get over disappointment
when darlings missed easiest of catches

will you ever just be able to let your kids
stand on their feet without fear or pain
and watch basketball games being played
without anguish, time after time again

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