The passing

a poem by Thelma Elizabeth Zaracostas, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

The mourners gathered round as the casket
was lowered into the ground
Queaking of the rope, as it's journey to the last resting place began, a thud was the signal that it had landed below,
flowers thrown within by family and friends.gravel rained down, down in slow motion fashion, small grains, plip, plop
a light tapping as they landed on top of the still remains, beneath the tightly closed lid
A few shovels of earth into the hole that would soon
be filled in when all had departed, those who came out of respect back to their normal duties,others left to mourn the passing of their beloved.
Life goes on, the endless grief stays hidden in the heart
how long does one grieve, forever? How precious is a loved one, time, time for what to forget the sunshine in their eyes forget they walked upon the earth. coping coping, fading never never ever.

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