If The World Stopped Turning.

a poem by Mark Ainslie, UK

If The World Stopped Turning.

If the world stopped turning,
Just for a little while.
Would our creator take a look?
And could he manage a smile?

If he studied every nation,
And gave each one a score.
Would he see the wealth some had,
Whilst others were starving and poor.

Would he be content?
With the world he would find.
And would he be satisfied,
With all of mankind.

If the world stood still,
For a minute or two,
Could the balance be changed?
In all that we do.

Could he repair the damage?
Caused by global warming,
Could he force the human race?
To act on climatic warning.

The world will keep on turning,
And time will keep passing by.
Will he look at the world?
And will he sit down and cry.

© Mark Ainslie. 2008

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