A Golden Cage

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

'Oh, my sweet little parrot,
Tell me, what's the secret
Of your voice and beauty
That makes everyone happy.'

'A golden cage, my King
Gave you, at my asking,
With gay, for you to live in'
Said, a kind hearted Queen.

'When I was in the wood,
I had the choice of my food.
From the treetop I saw
The sunrise with awe.'

'In my parrot's colony
I had their best company.
They kept me in cheers
And saw, I shed no tears.'

'In the forest's open air,
I had everything to share
With all my companions,
And my close relations.'

'Oh, my dear Queen,
What if, a cage is golden,
Or, I live in a palace fine,
Am I not now in a prison?

'Please grant me my freedom,
To fly free in your kingdom,
And sing in praise of you,
As I really love you.'

The speech of the parrot
Quickly touched her heart.
She released it from the cage
Thus freeing it from bondage.

What a golden lesson
A big country to learn?
A small country needs
Its freedom assured always.

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