An advivce to a restless mind

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

There was a monkey,
That became quite funky.
It jumped from branch,
With no rest, to branch.

Stung by a scorpion,
Here and there, with pain,
It hopped and rattled,
And remained not settled.

A honey-comb, it disturbed
And became too perturbed,
As the honey-bees stung it
O'er its naked body, every bit.

It drank a pot of toddy,
That drove it unsteady,
Just to forget the pain,
Still, quiet it didn't remain.

This is the condition,
Of every human brain,
As quiet never it remains
With its wavering thoughts.

A man riding a horse,
Never lets the rein loose,
Neither allows it too tight,
Nor holds it very light.

Well controlled by the rein,
Steadily it can also run,
And reach its destination,
Unmindful of the sun or rain.

Likewise, one can find,
A way to control the mind,
With one's own proper tool,
To keep the mind ever cool

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