Black or White, The Blood is Red

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Is the Black man’s blood black,
Or the Black Crow’s blood black?
Is the White Man’s blood white,
Or the White Dove’s blood white?

Why it’s red, any one immaterial?
‘Cause God wants to be impartial
To treat all the creatures equal,
What a display of His creative marvel!

Red, blue, white or yellow
Violet, green, orange or indigo
How all flowers look so bright
When seen in one bunch tight?

The nature’s plural color scheme,
Doesn’t it free the eyes from boredom?
What an immeasurable thing of joy
It gives as a gift of the Almighty?

The color by morn, a flower drops
When by nightfall, out it withers.
The beauty of a Black or White
Fades away by age overnight.

Mind not the color of the skin
But the blood that’s in common.
Respect every God’s creation
That’ll lead the world to salvation.

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