Do or Don't, It's in our hands

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

An atom million years of age,
Is silent at the dormant stage,
Once at the active split stage,
It helps to generate electricity,
Or destroys, no time, a big city.

A volcano, so long it’s silent,
It doesn’t become so violent,
Once it starts its action able,
It gives chemical lava useable,
Or destroys lands cultivable.

A dark cloud in the sky,
Moves and passes away,
Once accumulated on its way,
It supplies potable water,
Or floods a city under water.

A stick of a matchbox inside,
It isn’t active unless taken outside
Once rubbed against any one side,
Its fire lights a candle brightly,
Or burns down a huge factory.

A highly intelligent person,
All the time, do quietly remain,
Once an opportunity is given,
He becomes the star of a nation,
Or, turns a criminal in perversion.

Many such “do” or “don’t, ”
In this world of ours exist,
In our hands, lies something,
To make best use of a thing,
Or misuse the same thing.

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