Double Life

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

"Where I want to say "yes"
I am forced to say "No."
Where I want to say "No,"
I am compelled to say "Yes."

It's a kind of dual personality,
Or call it, a split personality,
And from this, none is born free,
Even if one's wish, so not to be.

Either out of fear, or false ego,
One, in daily life, has to go
In putting up a false show,
But an inner wish says "No."

A double life, one is forced to lead,
One, for self, to bear the overload,
And another, just to gain a status,
To be envied by the neighbors.

In this world of competition,
No one lives in satisfaction,
With what he or she has,
And into a debt-trap falls.

Be simple, as you are.
This is your inborn nature.
And into a broken future,
Your ego shouldn't go for.

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