A Pleasure in the Pain?

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

For a minute’s pleasure,
To bring out a treasure,
She suffers an ordeal,
A painful truth and real.

She eats the choicest food,
Not for her self own good,
But for the one in sleep,
On a floating bed, deep.

She carries the weight,
But feels it very light,
Not minding the kicks,
Or the occasional pricks.

She dreams of a future,
A part of her real nature,
To think of a life support,
In that, secure a rapport

Does she rest for a while?
Nay, her day’s schedule,
Endless as it runs in length,
She finds no time to breath.

The end of this episode comes,
That day happy she becomes,
When she delivers the child,
That all these days she carried.

In the pleasure of the pain,
A Mother only can remain.
Her role in the God’s creation,
It’s, no doubt, second to none.

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