Hunger the Pang

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Our mother earth gives
For one good grain sown
Hundreds of fresh grains
For our food in return.

How many sweet fruits
For a life time she gives
For one seed she takes
As one tree it grows?

Any animal on the land
Or any bird on the air
For its morrow's food
Does it take all the care?

For the food on the ground
How a crow makes a sound
Of "caw" to call crows around
Just to share what it has found?

When big cooked rice balls
An elephant in its mouth takes
A part of it on the floor spills
That feeds hundreds of ants.

But when a have on this earth
For his self, the food he hoards,
Doesn't the have-not's mouth
Go unfed for days countless?

The food in a pompous feast
A junk of it goes as rubbish.
If this goes to the poor atleast
Will that not fulfill God's wish?

The worst pain in the world
Is what the hunger gives
But this can be solved
If we follow the way of crows.

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