New Earth

a poem by Paul Butters, UK

“We’ve found the smallest exoplanet ever!”
The scientists cry.
The littlest world beyond our solar system to you and me.
Again and again they shout:
Gliese 581b, c, and d,
Gliese 436 c,
And GJ 436c (in Constellation Leo).
All in or near the temperate Goldilocks zone;
Just teeming with life we hope.

The search goes on,
As gargantuan galaxies grow to giant wheels,
And swirling clusters cloud those
Gaping gaps
Of Space.

This universe expands at twelve million miles per minute,
Just about.
A multiverse
Of interdimensional realms.

By accident or design
Those shimmering stars keep turning,
And all I can say is,

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