WASH, WASH, WASH (Onomatopoeia)

a poem by Lee Emmett, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

wash, wash, wash
swirl and slosh
oh, my gosh
water’s splashing and
drenching the bench
oh, you wench
what a mess
bless my soul

swish, swish, swish
don’t you wish
you could whisk
away the dust
with just a brush
and in a flash
see a shimmer
and a glimmer
in the mirror
it’s such a rush
just flick the
feather duster
bless you

slap, slap, slap
beat the rug
with the broom
shake the dirt
out of the room
watch your skirt
oh don’t hurt yourself
deary me

let’s take a break
have a cuppa
need to stop a bit
but all the clutter
in the kitchen
must be tidied
before Friday
you know butter
wouldn’t melt
in your mouth

hurry, hurry, hurry
it’s a worry
better scurry
before the missus
comes back

punch, punch, punch
knead the dough
you’re too slow
off you go
I know better
how to get bread
in the oven
before lunch

enough said
on your legs now
boil the eggs and
stir the soup
here we are
cooped up all day
while the missus
and her sisters
go and play
la de dah
bat their eyes
no surprises there
all the guys staring
no wonder hubbies
glaring all the time

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