A melodrama in a T.V. Channel

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

There was a show of crocodile,
In the National Geographic Channel.
Crocodile is powerful in water,
But on land, it can’t run faster

As they couldn’t run fast,
Because of their heavy weight,
Crocodiles were seen watching,
Many deer on the land standing.

They waited for the deer
To come and drink water,
But the deer were too clever
To risk and go anywhere near.

A team of crocodiles joined
For the day’s prey to find.
On land first they failed.
Then in water they tried.

Zebras came, about a dozen,
To drink water, one by one.
The alert crocodiles then
Tried their luck soon.

On land, zebras can run fast
But in water they cannot.
To crocodiles-in-wait,
Water became their bait.

To escape, zebras tried.
They ran, not towards land,
But waded thro’ the water.
Crocodiles chased like a hunter.

It was a scene of hit and run,
That was not one of fun.
A ‘life and death’ for a creature,
If caught, it would lose its future.

This drama went on and on,
With a question “Who’ll win?”
It was a battle of suspense
That kept us all tense.

The zebra that ran last
Could not move fast.
One crocodile caught
Its hind leg tight.

The rest attacked on its sides,
And tore the animal into pieces.
The water then became red in color,
With that this melodrama was over.

This is not a solitary event.
Millions of lives are meant
To keep other millions alive
And for the fittest to survive.

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