All're equal in a country

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

"I'm the cause for the tree.
Is there a tree sans me?"
Asks the seed

"No, I bear the seed
With my juicy feed."
Says the fruit.

"Seed or fruit, I house them
As they hang o'er my arm."
Declares the branch.

"I take the Sun's heat.
To give them cool seat."
Shout the leaves.

"If I don't keep them high
They will one by one die."
Asserts the trunk.

"Under the ground I remain
Nourishing them one by one."
Cries the root.

"I carry the load
O'er my head"
Say the legs.

"My work is manifold
In one word can't be told."
Plead the hands.

"I'm the connecting junction,
Causing every limb function."
Claims the body.

"If I don't pump blood
They are all dead."
Laughs the heart.

"I digest for them everything
Otherwise, they're nothing."
Murmurs the stomach.

"I'm the Chief Executive,
'Cause of me they live?"
Commands the head.

Likewise, is there any sense
If every state claims
Of their own liberty
In a democratic country?

Every state is vital
For a country's survival,
In that, all are equal,
Isn't it meaningful and real?

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