Light of Knowledge

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

If wealth is lost,
Something is lost.
If health is lost,
Everything is lost.
So, health is the best.

If wealth is given,
The unsatisfied receiver
Still asks for more,
Unhappy becomes the donor
He being the loser.

If food is offered,
The satisfied receiver
Says "Enough, no more,"
When the zealous Feeder
Still offers to give more.

If knowledge is imparted,
The disciplined receiver
Wants it more and more,
While the intelligent master
Perfects himself still further.

When one lamp lights
Many other lamps,
It doesn't lose its
Self-effulgent brightness.
So is the knowledge, as the light is.

It's needless to say,
The darkness goes away
In the presence of light,
So the ignorance exits
When the knowledge exists.

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