A Mother of Downtrodden

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

In the order of worship list
Mother occupies rank first,
While Father, Teacher and God
Merit next in this world.

Mother by her own children,
Mother by child’s adoption,
Mother from the order of nun,
So many Mother’s roles run.

To ethnic parents, Albanian,
A girl child was born
In the year after Jesus Christ,
1910, 26th of August.

At the age of sixteen
She became a nun
Of the Loreto Abbey,
The Holy order to obey.

Christened as Sister Teresa,
The future of her, she saw
In the land of Kolkata,
The eastern part of India.

Early Nineteen twenty nine,
At Kolkata, she settled down,
And worked as Headmistress
For more than fifteen years.

Her “Missionaries of Charity,”
A religious congregation holy
Order, in 1950, found its way,
For all the people to pray.

Thus she became “Mother Teresa”
In the heart of the city, Kolkata,
As a free a citizen of India
Gifted by the country, Albania.

Her first home for the dying poor,
And her mobile clinic for every leper
In the street, still run popular,
What a mother’s role spectacular!

In 1960, United States of America
Welcomed the holy Mother Teresa
And heard her missionary work
For the downtrodden and the sick.

The “Decree of Praise” to Mother,
A Pope Paul VI Vatican order,
In 1965, was conferred on her,
To enroll her as a Vatican member.

Her “Missionaries of Charity” spread
To the several parts of the world.
The Nobel Peace Prize she received
In 1979, for her work, as an award.

Her marathon tour east and west
Had a telling effect on her weak heart.
In 1997, 5th September, at last.
She died of a failure of her heart.

Beatification of the Mother
In 2003, 19th of October
A religious Pope’s order
Was bestowed on her.

A saintly lady from Albania
Enhanced the prestige of India,
Which was a launching pad
For her fame across the world.

One in million, arises a star
Like Teresa, our Blessed Mother,
A Godsend peaceful messenger
Living in our hearts forever.

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