Seed first or Tree first

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Seed first or tree first,
Egg first or hen first,
Man first or woman first,
Who can tell what came first?

What’s unseen does exist.
What’s seen doesn’t exist.
The unseen air does exist.
The mirage doesn’t exist.

A lighted candle stick
Makes the fire visible
And the sound invisible,
To the ears it’s audible.

A sheet of paper when shaken
Very fast, up and down
Makes a fluttering noise,
That’s heard well by the ears.

A train that moves
Or a jet that flies
What a noise it makes?
This everyone knows.

Our mother earth rotates,
Non-stop on its axis,
But where the noise goes,
Fast around as it moves?

The stars on the night sky
Who can count how many?
Who keeps them afloat
When they’re moving fast?

Does the sea swallow the land,
When the earth rotates around?
From the hot Sun or the wild wind,
Who saves the entire mankind?

As an invisible power, the Supernatural,
And a performer of any kind of miracle,
He lives in our heart, as the supreme God
And for our comfort, He gifted this world.

He can do or undo, as the Almighty.
Anything He can create or destroy.
Every balancing act for Him it’s a play,
And He controls the Universe this way.

He asks from us nothing.
Our faith in Him unending,
And our love for fellow beings.
That’s what He’s expecting.

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