The Division of Labor

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

If everyone sits in a palanquin
Wonder, who’ll carry it?
If everyone sleeps in a train
To move, who’ll drive it?

The Bees have their own
Workers, queen and drone.
The Ants too have a colony
Like bees, as one family.

This division of labor
Does exist everywhere.
All the work they share
With every mutual care.

A worm too under the soil
Has to dig deep in its toil
To make its search fast,
For its needy breakfast.

Who should do what?
The nature does dictate
To suit the individual
He be a boss or menial.

Material nature consists
Of three modes, goodness
Passion and ignorance,
For a soul conditioned once.

Out of the food one eats,
One of these modes shapes
One’s nature to be a worker,
Or a sage, or a powerful ruler.

Each one has to play his part
For the social upkeep in tact,
To promote a nation’s welfare,
Or to keep away from warfare.

To keep a vehicle running
Wheels, break and steering,
Are they not functioning
As one unit while moving?

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