Who is superior?

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Oh! You rational animal, are you really superior,
Or, like other creatures, far inferior?
Among all the creations, where lies your place?
It’s for you to judge and elevate your race.

Have you the sense of gratitude, like a canine,
Or, the sight, even in darkness, as a feline,
Or, can you run as swift as a horse,
Or, carry that load, Off the back of an ass?

Can you display your prowess, like a lion,
Or, change your colour, as a chameleon,
Or, stretch your neck like a giraffe,
Or, be as vigilant as a mastiff?

Of what strength, are you built before an elephant?
Can you widen your gullet, to swallow, like a giant serpent,
Or, fly high, yet spot a prey on the ground, as an eagle,
Or, hum and whistle like a nightingale?

Can you hear distant feeble sounds and run away like a deer,
Or, climb tall trees, sans support, as a bear,
Or, live in water, body unclothed, like a fish,
Or, on land and in water, as a tortoise?

Can you hang yourself upside down like a bat,
Or, drill holes with your teeth, as a rat,
Or, climb steep mountains, like a goat,
Or, win your race, on foot, with a hare or rabbit?

Out of flowers, can you make sweet honey, like a bee,
Or, juicy fruits, for no reward, as a tree,
Or, turn milk into curd and butter, like tiny bacteria,
Or, gift a pearl from dirt, as an oyster?

Can you weave a web out of your saliva, like a spider,
Or, produce even a drop of deadliest poison, as a viper,
Or, add fragrance to a flower, like a rose plant,
Or, maintain an order, as in the kingdom of ant?

Can you share your food with others, like a crow,
Or, yield sweet milk for straw, as a cow or a buffalo,
Or, clothe others in silk, like a silkworm,
Or, nourish the soil, as an earthworm?

Can you spit fire, like a firefly,
Or, be as delicious, to be eaten away as a turkey,
Or, have any feathers to unfold and dance, like a peacock,
Or, sing and fly up in the air, as a skylark?

Yet, how dare! You claim yourself superior,
In this game of life, every one, you wish to conquer,
You know, you’ve no place without whips and weapons,
The fear makes the strong ones serve your likes and dislikes!

You are judged the great among creation,
If your heart is full of compassion,
Your intelligence serves the good of humanity,
And the less-fortunate beings, with humility.

Yes! You’re superior, when you rightly “think” and “act”,
While other beings go by their instinct, in fact,
So comes, from Heaven, the clarion call,
“As thou loveth thyself, love, on this earth, all”.

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